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At Cyber Squared we believe in the delivery of IT Consultancy and Cyber Security in a pragmatic and cost effective way. Delivering value to our clients across a range of market sectors. Based on real world experience, knowledge and success.

Define the Benchmark

Measuring and comparing performance….

Cyber Posture Review

How does your organisation compare to others? Do you have all the controls in place to protect your data and business? Our Cyber Posture review is a non-intrusive process that will provide your board with a dashboard across 19 themes that details your cyber resilience, combined with prioritised recommendations for future improvements and remediation.

PMO & Programme

Are projects and programmes failing to deliver on time, and to budget? The Cyber Squared review processes will identify issues and areas for improvement, based on best practice and industry standards. Cyber Squared consultants will bring to bear a wealth of real world experience to identify issues, risks and recommend pragmatic improvements that can make a difference. The review will quickly help you to understand what is required to deliver change successfully. The scope can be a single project or programme or a portfolio of projects within a business.

IT Function

Many IT leaders and Boards want to compare their IT delivery strategy with other businesses. Our independent review process, builds a high-level picture of your current IT delivery solution and provides a RAG status across 8 key themes to enable you to understand how you are performing. This is supported with recommendations and options for improvement based on what others are doing to solve similar issues or problems.

Decide the Strategy

Helping you make the right decisions for your business, ….


Companies cannot always justify a full-time security leader, but increased legal requirements, changes to the threat landscape, compliance challenges, and the consequences of doing nothing, has resulted in many Boards realising they need help to protect their operations and assets.

The vCISO service provides companies with on-going access to security expertise and advice. Delivering guidance, planning and tailoring of response to cyber threats and compliance issues.

The Cyber Squared vCISO Service helps Boards understand the risks, the issues, and the options so that they can respond in a pragmatic, cost effective and efficient manner

Governance Risk and Compliance

Do you need support with risk assessments, vendor risk management, Information security policy reviews, Governance Risk and Compliance Strategy development, or Security roadmap definition? Using our proven methodologies Cyber Squared can support and advise you in the improving you overall information security governance approach, developing strategy and implementation plans, focusing on what is important to your business, but aligned to industry standards and best practice.

Cloud Adoption

Not all cloud solutions are created equal, and trusting your data and your customer’s data to a cloud provider is a big step for any organisation. Cyber Squared specialists have not only reviewed multiple cloud services for clients, but have designed cloud solutions including the security and management controls required to successfully deliver multi-tenancy for highly sensitive data. Using our knowledge and assessment framework, we can make sure you define a successful cloud adoption strategy and implementation plan without surprises.


Is PCI compliance a concern for your business? Confused about the requirements and process? Need help to identify the best way forward? Cyber Squared specialists can advise on managing your PCI compliance exposure and work with you to cost effectively meet the PCI Data Security Standard From identifying your current PCI compliance baseline, working to reduce scope of PCI DSS within your business to helping develop an effective implementation plan

Deliver the plan

Helping you deliver the plan…

Security Architecture

Do your solutions address or contribute to your overall business success? Are they compliant to good practice standards within your industry, and assure your information and reputation? Does your business need support or help to define its security strategy and architecture? Cyber Squared experienced consultants can provide your organization with the capability to establish and deliver individual architectural components, enterprise wide security architecture, or a security strategy aligned to your business objectives.

Network Architecture

Has your company inherited networks and accreted pieces of network service over time? Do you have a pressing refresh, transformation, or supplier transition requirements? Are you sure you are making use of the latest technologies and solutions to enable your business strategy, optimizing costs, and appropriately securing your data in transit. Many organizations are facing one if not all of these challenges but do not have the in-house expertise to resolve them. Cyber Squared can provide deep expertise in Enterprise and Service Provider data and voice networks as well as network security. This can be provided to augment your existing team or to provide technology leadership on a interim basis to deliver specific project transformation or transitional requirements.

PMO & Programme

Need help delivering key change programme within your business? Are projects and programmes failing to deliver on time, and to budget? The Cyber Squared team can help with the delivery of your critical programmes or can help with establishing your project and programme capability including establishing appropriate methodologies and governance, tooling, and PMO delivery models. Change is never easy, but having no process to manage it, is even harder.


GDPR enforcement commences on the 25th of May 2018. At Cyber Squared we help organisations to understand and address their cyber security and data protection issues in a pragmatic and effective manner. We can help you understand your GDPR exposure and readiness, as well as helping to define and manage the programmes/projects to implement any changes required.

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